At Caltera, we value music as a tool for personal growth, self-exploration, and creative self-expression. Our students are composers, our students are improvisers, and our students are artists. We believe that you have something to say: our mission is to help you find and develop that creative voice.

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of American art music: musical innovation, expression, and communication. Our classes and lessons will help you develop the skills needed for creative self-expression and dynamic group interaction.

Mastery and Momentum

At Caltera, we focus on developing highly competent, self-assured musicians. It doesn’t matter if you want to turn pro or if you just want to make music: you want to learn practical information as efficiently as possible.

We offer classes and lessons specifically designed to foster practical learning. By helping you to identify your musical goals, we can determine the correct course of action for you to take, and at all times we are aware of how a particular exercise or course of study is related to your musicianship and musical goals.

As a Caltera student, you will:

  1. be presented relevant, practical information in an organized, structured fashion

  2. learn how to stay inspired and motivated

  3. learn how to practice: consistently, effectively, and painlessly

  4. learn to set, reach, and exceed your goals

  5. learn better than you ever thought possible


These days we hear a lot about why studying music is important: it raises test scores, it increases self-discipline, it makes you smarter. And studying at Caltera School has literally paid off for our graduates, who have won well over $3.5 million in scholarships to top music schools around the country. These benefits, however, are merely incidental. At Caltera, we teach music because:

Music is art.  Art has the power to change perspective—yours, ours, the band’s, the audience’s—in a way that is just not possible with words.

Music is a good time. We at Caltera School prove that every day: our classes are exciting and our students enjoy being here. The Caltera vibe is relaxed and friendly, and this is a cool place to hang out. See for yourself.